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RED/BLUE Christmas ride to Tickhill

  • Date: 22 December 2019
  • By: Martin Crapper

Riders: Mick Lee, Martin Crapper, Kerry Wilcockson, Jon Brough, Cath Adams, Santa, Rudolph, Mrs Santa, Robert Stevenson, Kevin Thomas, Carew Satchwell.

The forecast was pretty good - no rain but even I thought wooly jumpers were a bit risky, Flash maybe but risky. A couple of trial bikes looked OK and well the others were there for the pleasure of the last outing before Christmas. Although some may fit in 2 more rides if stats are to be believed! Carew was with us for the first time so didn’t need excuses.

We were obviously reluctant to set off but by about 9.10 we were short of excuses and set off out of the gates and headed to, well Tickhill. Left at the Traveller’s Rest and then straight along the A60. Robert is done with Ops but still has fitness problems, but talks as good as the rest and was keeping up OK - you have to remember that he was always out in front in the the olden days.

Oldcotes, Langold, Carlton - Santa and Rudolf seemed to be waving all the way and the responses were positive (must be Christmas!). A quick right turn along Owday Lane towards, erm, Woodsets and the string of cars behind us politely picked up speed and carried on down the A60.

There was quite a lot of folk out in cars and as we turned right along the Worksop Road we had the excitement of being split into 2 bunches but it didn’t last long.

At Woodsets we turned towards Letwell where a left and couple of rights saw us heading for Firbeck and beyond that to the Oldcotes-Maltby road. I guess we all thought “Thornbury Hill Lane, yippee” so with guidance from Rob we went straight to Oldcotes. With the “straight” in mind Jon kept going after Oldcotes despite us wanting to turn left (I notice he was using his real name today!).

So we dithered a bit and he came back and we came back through Harworth to Tickhill more or less together. Carew wasn’t up to Wellingtons, he needed more miles so left us to go on alone.

We queued for our coffees and snacks and found a table big enough for us all. It seemed that we quietly agreed that the ride was over and said our goodbyes and went off to wherever we were going - I often wonder where i’m going but made it OK.

Thanks everybody, see you next week? Just going to check the video!

RED/BLUE Christmas ride to Tickhill