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Blue ride to Epworth and Lemon Tree Café

  • Date: 02 February 2020
  • By: Martin Crapper

Riders: Diane Jordan, Diana Simpson, Mick Lee, Rob Stevenson and Martin Crapper

There was a sprinkling of riders in the changing rooms (keeping warm) at 8.55 and they all seemed to be red ride potential! Fortunately another three trickled in to make us into a four strong blue ride. Stop counting it will become clear!

It was cold with a very fine drizzle but no wind worth mentioning, a toss up as to whether to wear a rain jacket or not. Diane managed to ram mine into my back pocket which seemed to have shrunk or maybe I’ve put weight back on! But the forecast said the ‘rain’ would stop before nine so all looked well. We set off east through Rossington passed Go-outdoors a right and left turn and on towards the airport.  An enforced stop allowed Mick to examine Diane’s new cassette which seemed to be causing her problems. in my limited experience what a group of Sunday riders decide is the cause of the problem will not be what the LBS decides to fix. But it didn’t cause any further r problems - a good talking to by Mick usually works! Continuing on and skipping one round-about we went past the new Avro Park which I think is a lame attempt to make workers think they are going to have fun - its industry for goodness sake, Avro grindstone would be more explicit!

Out at the other side of the airport we stopped at the lights at exactly the time Diana cycled up to meet us. We stayed chatting for quite a long time and not just because none of us could activate the road sensor to make the lights go red, it was good to see her again after so long. Onwards passed Walkers Nurseries and then the Simpson homestead somewhere to our left and we were on to Bank End Road much of which had to be single file. But with Mick in front we turned onto Wroot Road and were able to double up. Drizzle was still with us but easing off.

We looked right as we passed the now closed Tia Rescue centre café and right again as we saw hundreds of Canada Geese in one of the fields before reaching Wroot itself. We had a short ‘rest’ in Wroot - it was only yesterday and I can’t remember why! Must have been trivial!.

A we continued towards Idle bank we began to notice the wind building faintly.Left on Idle bank and the left onto another Wroot road (all roads lead to Wroot it seems) but not before being hooted at by a passing motorist - we had a lot on common, one vehicle one driver, but he wanted us out of the way. If only he could have waited that extra 50 yards! From there its a few squiggles on the map and we were at the café.

We ordered food and drinks and gathered around a table, coffee and scones were well worth the £2.95 but toasted tea cakes, toast  and carnivore butties also went down well. We were there rather too long! getting out again we discovered we were cold but the day was brighter. A quick photo and we set off back the way we came until Idle bank where we headed for the Park drain hotel (deceased) and the turn onto Bank End Road. About half way along there were very clear signs (and cones) telling us the road was closed. Ignoring that we continued seeing the mass of lorries and workers seeming to block the road. They were nice to us moved aside and we were through.

Turning left saw us heading towards Misson with the sun out and  some wind but enjoyable weather for cycling. The floods just beyond Misson were still visible and seem to stretch right through to Bawtry (source: Diana’s local knowledge). Reaching Austerfield, we stopped to say goodbye to Diana who turned off for home and then we, the remainder, continued on into Bawtry where the traffic gods were on our side. No south bound vehicles to stop us hitting the high road and red lights holding up vehicles and allowing us to make the right turn onto Tickhill road.

Mick and Rob turned off just after the Plumtree estate to go to their homes and a bit later on Diane turned off and went towards Rossington (and beyond) and home.

Technically no one finished this ride because I was alone and saw no point in saying a formal goodbye to myself at the cricket club so did my turning left and went home as well!

See you all next week I hope.

Blue ride to Epworth and Lemon Tree Café